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Oct. 6th, 2010


§ [Voice/possible Action] §

[Luna is currently in her room, laying out fluffy pieces of... knitting. Hats, mittens, scarves, and socks, they're all in rows on her (neatly made) bed, and she opens the journal to use its little picture function to show them off. All of them are bright and colorful, many of them have wacky color combinations and patterns, but there are some that are more simple and 'respectable' as well. Pretty much whatever Luna felt like making - including the traditional Hogwarts house colors.]

It's getting cold out, so I wondered if anyone would like some of these. I think I made too many, but I didn't really want to stop even though it was warm when I was doing so. You never do know when you're going to need something, after all.

[The book is moved again, with rustling and page crinkling, and this time it shows off a small mountain of different colored yarn, heaped under a small folding table with a knitting basket on top of it. (yes, picture is an exaggeration, but it gets the point across.)]

I do have more yarn if anyone would like a different pattern. It would be very inconvenient for anyone to get sick now, I would think; the flitterbys might decide to cut their hair off while they were distracted.

Apr. 1st, 2010


§ Otto [Action/Voice] §

[Luna can be found this day in All Passions, having been to the item shop and the grocery earlier - a couple of bags are propped at her feet, with fairly innocuous things in them, like tea leaves and a bag of sugar. She's dressed in an interesting manner, though, and currently puzzling over a top hat in matching baby blue with a white band, deciding whether to take it home or not.]

[After some deliberation, she pulls her journal from one of the bags and opens it.]
It seems the weather is clearing up a little - would anyone care to have tea later?

Feb. 17th, 2010


§ Sette [Voice] §

[Luna's outside on the porch of the DA house, journal propped open on her knees and her feet bare. Yes, in February.]

Hmm... perhaps we need a swing.

The days are strange here, aren't they? It's quite different to go back so far in time and to think your time at home isn't the same as it would be here. I wonder if that means we'll experience all the holidays twice?

Do we have Easter holiday here?

I wonder when Ramirez will return...

[A pause, and then she looks at the journal.]

Neville, are you coming with me into town? We need to find some trowels and pots, after all.

Dec. 27th, 2009


§ Sei [Action] §

[It absolutely doesn't matter that it's colder than normal. It's not snowing heavily today, so people passing through the square have a chance to see Luna, bundled up in her usual assortment of mismatched clothing, trying to sketch out a layout for a really big mural on the side of the clothing store in chalk while perched on a ladder. Except some of her chalk lines are disappearing the farther and farther she gets from them, as if something doesn't want them there. She notices this after awhile and frowns just a little bit, then taps on the building.]

Would you please not do that? It will be very nice, I promise, but I really do need those to do this properly.

[Yes, she's speaking to a building. And possibly expecting it to respond, if the waiting expression on her face is any indication.]

Dec. 2nd, 2009

a bit odd

§ Cinque [Voice/Action if anyone wants to freak out that much] §

[...and just like normal, the journal opens. She's made it back to DA Headquarters.]

That wasn't so bad, really. I didn't like not being able to come home, yes, but other than that and having to fix my legs, it could have been much worse.

Nov. 18th, 2009


§ Quattro [Voice] §

[An idea from Draco, of all people, has her curious. She opens her journal to try and gather a consensus.]

Does anyone know if the Malnosso don't want us to do anything to the buildings we don't live in? I was-

[There's suddenly a rhythmic tapping from behind her and she breaks off to look] ...Oh. oh, all right, just one moment.

Don't worry, I'll just ask them myself! I'll be back as soon as I can!

[Aaaaand she closes the journal - and is gone.]

Nov. 14th, 2009


§ Tre [Voice/Video] §

[The sound of someone humming tunelessly, just slightly off-key, in a contented, wandering manner comes over the journals. Luna's seated on the floor of her room, which has turned pretty... colorful in the time since she's been there, doing something on the floor. It's impossible to see what, though it looks like she's fiddling with a lot of small pieces. Journal's to the right of her; perhaps she opened it to listen to what's going on everywhere.]

[Or not - after a couple of minutes, she speaks, though it could possibly be to herself.]
It's funny how time is different here, isn't it? Somehow gaining a month and a half to the year was more disorienting to me, I think.

Oh! Yes, does anyone want this? [And she'll get to her feet to lift something from her desk and unfold it, holding it up to show the journal - a full-sized, supposed-to-be-hung-from-the-ceiling Slytherin banner, apparently her prize from the amusement park. She could find some way to use it, but perhaps one of the Slytherins wants it.]

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Oct. 22nd, 2009

and a one and a two

§ Due [Action~] §

[Considering it's coming to the end of her holiday from school (she'd felt she'd earned it after all her hard work at undermining Snape since her September), Luna has one last project she wants to finish. She's already laid out the basework for the Hogwarts mural on the blank pieces of kitchen wall, including a few giant squid tentacles, though it hasn't gotten past the rough-and-blocky-paint-undertone stages yet, and she's ready for something a little different.]

[So, Luceti, there will be a blonde teenager with a felt bat sewn on her headband carrying a medium-sized pumpkin in one arm, with four more sort of jumping in short hops in a line ahead of her as she directs her wand at them on her way back to House #26. Her Halloween was fairly dismal, and from the sound of things so was her friends', so she's gotten them all pumpkins to carve in imitation of the great feasts from their early school years.]

Oct. 6th, 2009


§ Una [Voice/Action] §

[There's a New Feather in the white dress stepping into the square and looking around at everything with great interest, the book in her arms, but there's a couple of things that are slightly off about her. She doesn't seem to have any problem being barefoot, and her wings don't flutter about nearly as much as most new people, though her head keeps turning to look at something new she sees out of the corner of her eyes.]

I think I like this prison much better than Azkaban, but it's strange that any Death Eater would put me somewhere so nice. Maybe I'm still Stunned and just dreaming it all...

Oct. 1st, 2009


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